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 Brave Gunz in-game rules

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PostSubject: Brave Gunz in-game rules    Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:44 am

Brave Gunz in-game rules
The rules listed here have been created to be followed by the staff and players of Brave Gunz. Failure to follow these rules as a user can get you a maximum of a permanent ban and if you are staff a maximum of a permanent ban and dismissal.

1 - The use of trolling and ego :
Of course GunZ is full of both of these things, however we do ask you keep it to a minimum, anyone caught purposely egoing of trolling other players will be:
- 1st offence: Warned
- 2nd offence : 2nd Warn
- 3rd offence: Muted (1 day)
- 4th offence: Banned (3 days)
- 5th offence: Banned (Permanent)

2 - Bullying/Racism :
At Brave Gunz we frown upon bullying and racism, so anyone caught bullying or is making racist remarks to other users will be removed from the game on 2nd offence. We are against cyber bullying at the fullest extent here.
-1st offence : Warn
-2nd offence : Mute (2 days)
-3rd offence : Ban (permanent)

3 - Hacking/3rd Party tools :
Neither hacking, modifying our client, or using 3rd party tools are allowed here. This includes but are not limited to:
- .dll hacks
- Mouse rebinders
- Injectors
- Any other tools to modify our client
- MRS Editing

Users caught using such tools or performing such acts will be banned permanently.

4 - Begging staff :
Staff are here to work as well as play in their free time. Begging them with items outside of the bounty shop, colour names, or any other requests are not allowed. The punishments are as follows:
- 1st offence: Warning
- 2nd offence : 2nd Warn
- 3rd offence: Mute (1 day)
- 4th offence: Ban (1 day)
- 5th offence: Ban (1 week)
- 6th offence: Ban (Permanently)

5 - Swapping :
Swapping is not allowed here as it is a way of cheating to get quick level up's. This is where 2 or more users take it in turns to kill each other for EXP. The punishment is as follows:
- 1st offence: Reset level back to 1
- 2nd offence: Ban (1 day)
- 3rd offence: Ban (1 week)
- 4th offence: Ban (Permanently)

6 - Staff Impersonation :
Staff members are recognised by either a Red Colour with a -- level, or a a tag [GM] or [DEV]. Anyone who does not have either of these things in their name are NOT staff members. Anyone who pretends to be a staff member or impersonates a current staff member the punishment is as follows:
- 1st offence: Warning
- 2nd offence: 2nd Warn
- 3rd offence: Ban (1 day)
- 4th offence: Ban (2 weeks)
- 5th offence: Ban (Permanently)

We hope you agree to the rules here and if so then we will see you in-game. Please remember to keep checking back regularly for any updates.
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Brave Gunz in-game rules
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