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 Brave Gunz Community Rules

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PostSubject: Brave Gunz Community Rules   Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:03 am

The forum rules listed here are what the Brave Gunz staff expect you to respect. Please read these rules in full. Brave Gunz reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notification.

1. No spamming :
Spamming is unsolicitated messages that has nothing to do with the subject being discussed, this includes but it not limited to:
Off-topic posts
Posting websites outside of the posts

2. Advertising :
In no way do we allow advertising on this website, anyone who does advertise will be banned and the post will be removed on site.

3. Trolling :
We understand that the online world is full of egoists and trolls, but we want to sustain a friendly welcoming community, please help us by encouraging this rule onto new members. Anyone who does troll will be banned permanantly.

4. Multiple Posting :
We do not allow multiple posts here, please edit your posts instead. Multiple posting will be used by staff when updating certain threads.

5. Warez :
No posting warez, this includes illegal programs, cracks, serial numbers, etc.

6. Pornorgraphy :
Do not post pornography, this includes images or videos, other than posting this also includes avatars or signatures.

7. Bashing :
No bashing players, and/or anything in any untruthful or bias manner.

8. Do not use proxies :
Please use your own browser to access our forums, using proxies in a way is a childish way of accessing our site. This does even mean if your IP has been banned. If you are caught using a proxy to access our site you will be permanantly banned. If your account is temporarily banned and you do this then the ban will never be lifted.

9. One Account Per Person :
And we mean that, we will only allow one account per person. We do regular IP checks. If you live in the same house as another member here let us know so we don't ban your accounts upon the check.

10. Old Replies :
You should not make a post on old threads to get higher number of posts. (Older than 1-2 weeks)
This does not mean sticky threads, staff section.

11. Multiple requests :
You should not make more requests for such application, unmute or to be unbanned. If the staff denied the request. This also means you should not Double+ post.
What to do if not double? Just edit your first post.

12. Exploit Server :
You should not use the server as a source to get their desires fulfilled. This means that you should not come here to experience what it means to be a staff or to have his map tested / shown.

13. Bluffing :
You should not pretend to be a staff to get the password / coins from other players by Using name color. (The staff will never ask for passwords.)
This also means that you must not fool anyone for help by logging on to the person's account and change your password, or ruining something (transfer). again. The staff will never ask for your password.

14. Begging :
Do not bother begging of higher rank (GM, FM, DEV) or that you should donate to them. Maybe even about how to help them with a subscribe / references. (Something that player earns or to get viewer / followers) ex. Instagram, ad.fly, Facebook fan page, refer links.
This does not mean Youtube or anything allowed on the forum.

15. Respect the Staff :
You should always respect the staff. Same with the players / members. They must also respect you the same. (the staff)

16. Inappropriate Language :
This includes swearing, or any other abusive language between other staff or members. Using other characters such as numbers or symbols to symbolize a swear word or any other type of abusive word is not allowed either.

* Report of Violations
We always wish to know if a rule has or is being broken. However, we can not fully enforce any violations without just proof. Provide screenshots or admin/mod witness' in reports.
To report a violation please see the how to report someone thread.

Ban Guidelines :

- 1st offense, Warn :
The user will receive a warning that registered private forum Brave Gunz team.
Please note that this warning will cause the team to keep an see suspicious of the offender.

- 2nd offense, Temp-Ban:
Temporary Ban/Permanant Ban that will be lifted eventually (avg- 3 days), users will be given a warning after doing their time off the forum. Any disruption of the ban such as creating new accounts or changing the IP address will cause them to be moved to 2nd offense.

- 3rd offense, Lifetime Ban:
Permanant lifetime IP and Username ban where user will no longer be welcome into any of the games or forums hosted by Brave Gunz.

Banned Accounts - If you've been banned temporary or permanently creating other accounts will count as further rule violation. All new accounts will be banned on sight.

Zero Tolerance - We have no tolerance for continuous rule breakers, if your only purpose on the forum is to cause mischief, you'll be removed from them. We have no problems banning you if you disregard the rules of the forum and the staff.
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Brave Gunz Community Rules
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