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 Brave Gunz Shout Box rules

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PostSubject: Brave Gunz Shout Box rules   Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:11 am

These rules below, should all be followed at all times. Please respect them.

No Spamming :
You should not spam since it is a form of trolling and is unacceptable. Also you should not spam the chatbox with random words/sentences for your 'Shout Count'

No Advertising :
You should NEVER mention other Gunz Private servers as it is classed as advertisement.

No Flaming :
Do not insult/disrespect anybody in the community. This means No images/words/phrases/links that can be used to insult/disrespect.

No Cheating :
When you made a Application for a staff position, DO NOT ask members of the community to support your application, if they support it, they will say. Also DO NOT ask staff to see if there application was any good.

No Staff Impersonation :
You should never pretend to act as staff to get somebodies username/password. (The staff will never ask for passwords.)
Also you should never pretend to be staff as a 'joke' since some people may believe you, and its unacceptable.

No humiliation :
You should never insult the server. So you must not insult the network/staff or others that lead to humiliation.

No Inappropriate Language :
You should never swear/say inappropriate things to members of the community.

Offence Guidelines:
1st Offence - Warning
2nd Offence - Muted (24 Hour)
3rd Offence - Muted (1 Week)
4th Offence - Permanent Ban
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Brave Gunz Shout Box rules
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